Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Final Day

The end of the mission but not the journey......

Tears ran down the faces of the crossover family as we exchanged hugs, final hugs in the midst of all of our serrate departures to our home towns. We smiled, but I could feel the bond we all created build cause we all shared something that no one has....we went and served God at our best in different countries together. We touched the lives of so many kids and families that it built lasting impressions throughout the world. While touching those lives, God touched all of our lives because it was Him and Him alone that gave us this very very dear opportunity in life. CROSSOVER did a SPIRITUAL CROSSOVER ON GERMANY, CZECH REPUBLIC, ROMANIA AND FRANCE!! It has been such an inspiration to my life personally. I have shared my life with people who once were strangers but now is my permanent family in Christ for life. We are not no more special than anyone cause we did this, you can is God who is so EXTRAORDINARY that He places us in places, times, and situations that He wants us to shine for His Glory!! I am so happy and blessed that God selected me as one of the CROSSOVER FAMILY. Throughout my life I have prayed that God reveal Himself to me, show me my purpose in life, help me to help others, give me more wisdom and knowledge to be a better me...thru crossover, He has showed up so much that I understand what God has for me.

As we all return to our homes, we go armored with the protection of God. We go home to problems, situations that we left behind, but I am encouraged that God has made a way for all of us in ways no one knows. I know He touched my life in a tremendous way. With all of that I want all everyone to know that God is wherever you want Him to be and in places you think He is not..He has placed us in so many places to Glorify Him, to talk to Him, Pray to Him, Love Him, have a relationship with Him. No matter what is goingon in your life you have to be strong enough to give it to God. And LEAVE IT WITH HIM. We all suffer from getting weak and doing wrong, it doesn't mean God has turned His back on us, it means He is attempting to work in our life, we just have to allow Him to. Yes, it's hard, it's difficult sometimes to understand but I promise you, try God...just TRY...WATCH what happens...

This is the last blog for this journey I went on, but not the last time we will speak on this blog as God has given me the vision to move further in my ministry. Sometimes I get afraid cause I sometimes can't believe God wants me to do what I have heard from Him the job He has for me. But leaping out on faith is what is required of all of to. So I ask all of you to pray for me as I transition my life to be a voice for God. To preach His word, to minister to his people that He is the one we serve and fear. Pray that thru what God has for me it blesses you. Some may question my moves of life but I am prepared for you. Yes, I have worked in the club, partied, lived life on the edge and some may feel that it's crazy and stupid but it's not your job to question what God has for me. Just pray for me. As I will always pray for you all. The hour glass has been turned over for the countdown of my exit from the clubs and enter into the ministry. Hopefully as I exit in the next couple months, I pray I keep my real friends and true supporters, if not, I still love you all the same. It's kinda the same job, I will still be promoting, Its just gonna be promoting Gods word..THATS A PARTY LIKE NO OTHER!!!!! So this will be my final year in the club business. I hope all of you come out, support these last few months, if not, I HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU, IN CHURCH!!!!



Friday, August 12, 2011

August 11th

Hello all! How are all of you doing? I'm doing very well! First because God woke me up and gave another day to be with these awesome kids in basketball camp and be able to communicate with you. You know life is so beautiful, it shows us so many things only if we open up our minds and hearts to what God has given us. Being on this trip has truly opened my heart to so many things because I have finally just let God do Him in my life. I have learned that I have told people that I love God and I go to church but that is merely just a small part of it. I want God just to run my life and I stay back. At first coming on this trip I was afraid to even leave the states for an extended amount of time because I was thinking too much about other things and not looking at the opportunity to please God. I am so happy I came on this trip..I have watch God work in so many people's lives and just to be around a group of amazing people who just love God and want nothing but the best from you and their own selves. And to God be the glory. You know all of us deal with so many issues and real problems and we don't take real time to consider allowing God to work in our lives. I mean, just not a small prayer and you say, "well, I prayed about it" I mean really really dig deep in your soul and give your situation to God and then practice it daily. Being Godly and going to church doesn't mean you can enjoy your life. For so long people have driven it our minds that going to church is boring and for lames, but I am here to tell you that He is the reason that you wake up everyday, He is the reason you are even able to come to Him with your issues. I mean, He aleady knows but He just want you to come to him and talk to him. It's as simply as you talking to a friend on the phone...all of us party, hangout, etc etc....but let me challenge you to give God more than one day (Sunday)...give Him 2min a day and try to build on that daily. PRAY FOR EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO AND DONT DO EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! WATCH!!! WATCH!!! You will feel something so unimaginable. I want you to feel what I feel. YES!! I promote clubs, and all (and that will soon change) but I will do it differently now. Until God moves me into my new path of life, which has already begun. I truly thank all of you for taking to read my blog. ANYWHO, just to tell you about camp, it was incredible and yes, MY TEAM MADE IT TO #1!!! yaaaayyyyy!!!!! We played tonite and we lost. It's cool, we played some very tough competition tonite. But God is good ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!!! I want all of you to be blessed. Much love to you all!!! SHOUTOUT 1 TIME TO MATT, TROY AND ANTHONY!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR TROY AND ANTHONY WHO SUFFERED SOME INJURIES IN OUR GAMES...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 10th

Hello all! Another day of camp that went absolutely incredible! I'm happy to see the blessings of God working thru the camp. What was thought of to be a tough week is just a breeze so far. My team ( the Bulls) were in 4th place and guess what.......My team won the majority of competitions today and I hit a half court shot to edge us in a close battle for 2nd place!!! It's rewarding to watch your kids learning and actually retaining the skills and drills we are teaching them. Ministering to kids, just feels so rewarding. God is so awesome...and yeah, I'm hoping for yet another 1st place team by the end of camp this week. Lets go!!!

Also, tonite we had our game! It was yet another victory for us and these guys were tough. I'm so tired and we have camp and another game tomorrow nite...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 9th

Today at camp was a great day. A lot easier today and the kids were rallied up to have fun. I love the way God works. He shows you your worth in ways that is unimaginable. We were told how hard it and different it would be. I must say, this week has been easier because God showed us favor. When you do things the right way and keep God 1st, you will always finish out on top.
Personally, I had a kinda weird day because I had some opposition put in front of me from home in LA. It's hard sometimes when you do things for only good how it can be taken in a total different way. I am on a serious mission for God and to better myself and thinking I would get positive support from people it's the exact opposite. It hurt me for awhile, but I looked to God and He whispered to me, that He knows what I'm doing and the purpose, so don't worry. You see, in life you have to do what YOU have to do regardless of what others may think or feel. Don't ever be afraid to step out into your calling. Your purpose is YOUR purpose and it's between YOU & GOD. I strongly urge all of you to be who you are destined to be, give your issues to God, allow him to fight your battles, because it is not yours, it's His. MAKE SURE TO READ A BIBLE VERSE AND SAY A PRAYER. ITS YOUR TIME! SHOUTOUT TO MATT.....ONE TIME!!!!! ok Anthony too!! ONE TIME!!! It's a crossover joke...u won't get it!!!

August 8th

First day of camp in France!!! Today was a bit stressful but very fun. It's tough running a camp when there is a language barrier. I commend my leaders, Troy & Heidi with the work they have put in. Also Randy our host and the entire crossover staff. Here we can't be as open about the word of God because of the type of country it is. It is very difficult to speak about God without getting in trouble here. But don't we all know that God makes a way out of anyway way possible??? YES HE CAN! So we found a way to do it and it is working just fine. We have about 50 kids and they LOVE basketball! You know we came on this mission to bless others but it's amazing how blessed I feel to have been chosen to be apart of this. Today, make sure your day is as bright and happy as you can make it. I must say, I am missing home but I got work to do. See ya!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7th

Well hello all!! Out herein France and we just got done with church. Awesome listening to a message in French. Our group was able to be apart of the service with sharing and being in this service. And the people welcomed us with absolute open arms. It is amazing to be in another country and live with people who don't know you and they just open up to you with such grace and love. They love God and just as God loves us they have displayed the same love for us. Shoutout to RANDY & JAN!! My host family and shout to all the families that took the crossover group in for the week. We finally finished our meetings and nite worship to pray over the week coming and get all our details to be prepared. One thing I must say, between Randy, Heidi, and Troy there is NOT a detail left out. TRUST ME!! They got this completely under control. It's a good feeling to be around true leaders, it gives the group more confidence to be pumped and ready for camp. I am so ready for camp tomorrow, just got to get to bed early cause we got an early and very long day ahead. Love you all!!!!!

August 6th

Budapest, Hungary to Vienna, to Austria, Frankfurt, Germany to Bassel, Switzerland to Guebwiller, France ALL IN ONE DAY BY TRAIN!!! So I had no way of blogging you. So I'm doubling up on days. And we had to switch trains per stop. You may say, that it was crazy but actually it was a great trip. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Actually I'm happy that I was able to see the wine country. Very beautiful view. I think when I get home I'm going to take a trip on a train somewhere. Taking this very long trip reminded me of the many obstacles we have to face every single day of our lives. It's not easy to get victory in your situations, you just have to be patient and allow God to work in your life. He does not come when we think, but HE is ALWAYS on time! Don't get down on yourself, let the pain you experience be your guide to VICTORY! SMILE, LOVE, FORGIVE, FORGET, TRUST, HAVE FUN, REDEDICATE, "CROSSOVER" into your destiny!!!!